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Bol Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga or bol game show helpline number is one of the most popular Pakistani TV game shows. This show was started in 2017 and was hosted by Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Due to the versatile acting of Aamir Liaquat Hussain and the best communication of Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga staff, this show became popular very soon. Hundreds and thousands of people started watching this game show and therefore various advertisement companies started to advertise in this show.

Fake Supervisor Ali Raza

Many calls and sms received from the name of Ali Raza which is totally fake and fraud.please beware from these types of sms and call.and for information call us on official number below.

But in 2018, things changed when the host of this game show joined PTI and devoted himself to politics. He became a very busy personality and therefore left this show. Then one of the most famous Pakistani actors, Danish Taimoor joined this show as a host and moved it to the next level of popularity.

Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga Entry

As I already mentioned, this is a very famous show in Pakistan and almost every Pakistani want to join this game show so it is very hard to join this game show. The official team of  Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga gets hundreds and thousands of applications every week for an entry pass in Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga. But we are here to give you a method about how to get an entry in Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga. You need Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga entry pass to get an entry, whose method is given below.

Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga Passes

Like all TV shows, you need a pass or ticket to get an entry in this game show. But the question arises here, how to get an entry pass for Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga? well, it's not a difficult thing. You just need to follow few steps and you would be able to get an entry pass for this game show.

Register Online

If you are willing to register online then the official team of Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga created an online registration form where you can register yourself and get the Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga Pass for free. Click Here to register online.

Call Us

If you want to talk to the official team of Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga, you can, of course, make a call on their head office phone number. 
After making a call on this phone number, you will be asked to provide them the following details so they can send you Aisy Chaly Ga Show Passes. 
  1. Your Name
  2. Father Name
  3. Your City
  4. CNIC Card Number (Just for verification)
In case if you want to join this show with your family, it's possible. You just need to mention that you want to come with your family and you will be provided the tickets of your whole family members. 

Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga Contact Number

In order to get an entry in Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga by Danish Taimoor or if you want to get any information about this show, you need an official number of Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga. You can make a call and ask them anything related to the show or you can ask them to register you for the upcoming episode. By getting an entry in the show, you would be able to win prizes of thousands of rupees by answering the simple questions asked by Danish Taimoor. You can call on the following official head office number of Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga. 

Winners of Bol Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga


Hundreds and thousands of people participate in this live game show and win rewards. Not only this but they also get a chance to appear on TV where thousands of people are watching them.

Name: Mr. Zahid Ali
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile #: 0333******932

Name: Mr. Shahid Khan
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile #: 0304******078

Name: Mr. Sohail Ahmad
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile #: 0335******112

Name: Ms. Suhana
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile #: 0345******700

Name: Ms. Shahida Kosar
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile #: 0300******088

Name: Qamar abbas
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile: 0345*****420

Name: Fawad khan
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile: 0312*****650

Name: Zahoor bibi
Prize Amount: 38,00000
Mobile: 0305*****442

Final Words

If you are willing to join this awesome game show, you can make us call and get your pass to get an entry into the show. Please call us on the following number so we can issue you a pass at your doorstep. 

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